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You and I together, will take a deep, meaningful, full of feeling, long or short journey in a warm and confidential environment. Such a significant journey will intensely help you to explore your mind, to listen to your inside voice, your feelings, and your emotions. Let’s create a dialogue, an intimate therapeutic relationship where you share with me the main concerns and find neglected aspects in your precious life, make yourself a final correct decision for your bright future, and experience a more significant and wonderful life. I am here with a personal and professional responsibility and with the commitment to help you, to live with you through our conversation while you share your story with me. This is my way – not a medical way. I am sure you and I together will experience things that have never been experienced by any of us. This is because I am here for you, to listen to you and your inside emotions effectively.
If you would like to have a free short meeting with me to choose your Counsellor with more confidence, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment via email. I hope to see you soon to share with me the concerns that you have never shared even with yourself and to receive effective help from your Counsellor.

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Dr. Kalantar graduated with a Ph.D. in Counselling in 2012. He has written many scientific articles in some special area of counselling such as family, marriage, couple, relationship, anxiety, depression, grief and loss. Existential thoughts has inspired him and then his counselling approach as well as his research are rooted in the writings of the fathers of existentialism.

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