Seyed Mohammad Kalantar

Seyed Mohammad Kalantar was born in 1979. He had a formal high school education at the Haqani School a branch of Qom Seminary. Later, he attended Mofid University ( 2002-2006) from where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Philosophy. From 2006 to 2007 he furthered his interest in Philosophy and pursued a Master’s degree in the same field. His master’s thesis in Western Philosophy considered the relationship between will and duty in the moral philosophy of Kant. He began working in Islamic Azad University in 2006, lecturing in philosophy and Islamic thoughts.

He enrolled with University Putra Malaysia ( UPM ) in 2008 for his PhD in Counseling, finishing for Master Degree in Counseling as well. He graduated with PhD degree for UPM in 2012. His PhD’s thesis in counseling considered Psycho-Educational Training on Existential Issues and Effects on Marital Satisfaction and Communication among Iranian Women. Recently ( 2012) he became faculty member in department of counseling, faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i University ( ATU ) lecturing family counseling, spirituality and Islamic counseling, theories in counseling, more concentrating on Existential counseling and therapy. Additionally, Since 2013 he initiated his clinical training and psychological counseling as a part time job, with two famous clinical counseling centers namely Rahsabz and Nooranipoor, located in Tehran.  

  1. Education


Ph.D., University Putra Malaysia (Counseling)       2012    ( Malaysia)

M.A., Mofid University ( Philosophy)                       2007     (Iran)

B.Th., Mofid University  ( Philosophy)                     2006     (Iran)  

  1. Academic Experience:
  • Faculty member, Department of Counseling, Faculty of Psychology and Education Study, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Since 2012 ( Full time), some duties of the position as follows:
  1. Supervision of master’s thesis in field of counseling ( more than 60 theses) 
  2. Conducting academic research in counseling field to publish in scientific journals
  • Teaching some post graduate courses including: Family and rehabilitation, Guidance and Consultation in Islam , Advanced theories in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Family therapy, Counseling techniques, Group counseling and Seminar  ( advising research matters)
  1. Teaching some undergraduate courses including: Theories of personality, Family therapy, Psychological text in English language
  • Faculty member at Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch Since 2005 to 2008 ( Full time)
  • Lecture in Shahed University, 2006 (part time)


  1. Clinical Practice
  • Counselor and Psychologist at Nooranipoor Center  since 2013 ( Part time)
  • Counselor and Psychologist at Rahsabz center since 2012 ( Part time)
  • Counselor and Psychologist at Islamic Azad University, clinic center in 2010 ( Part time)
  • Counselor and Psychologist at Tehran Municipality, 2011 ( Part time)
  1. List of Published Papers


  1. Mahdieh Tarsafi, Seyed Mohammad Kalantarkousheh, David Lester (2015), The defeat-entrapment theory versus Beck’s hopelessness theory of depression and suicidality: A cross-national analysis in Iran and the United States,  International Journal of Social Psychiatry (ISI)
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  1. Conference Presentations
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  1. Translated Books:
  1. Existential Theories Written by Mick Cooper (2003), Translated by S.M Kalantarkousheh (2015)
  2. Spiritual Integrated Psychotherapy written by Kenneth Pargament (2007), Translated S.M Kalantarkousheh and others.
  1. Some Participated Workshops:


  1. Two days workshop; Focusing in Therapeutic Practice ” The Expression of Inner Voice in the World”, with Dr Greg Madison, (2015) Australia.
  2. Five  days workshop; Focusing Oriented Therapy Training, with Dr Greg Madison, (2015) Australia 
  3. One day workshop; Focusing Supervision” The Art of Focusing Supervision”, with Dr Greg Madison, (2015) Australia  


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